3 breakfasts of the week

April 1, 2017

    I strongly believe that breakfast is the main meal of the day. But when you work from 8 AM - nobody got the time to make breakfast. I give myself a max of 10 min to make breakfast when it's a work day and maybe (jus maybe) I'll make something more complex on the weekend. 

    - The easiest and filling breakfasts for me are eggs or better to say omelets. The base is easy as it can be. Crack an egg or two (usually for me it's enough one), add a splash of milk (I use regular milk, you do you), salt, pepper and whisk it up until it looks blended. I'm not doing this for the restaurant so you will not see me whisking my omelet for 6min to get it fluffy as a cloud (ain't got time to be fancy). Oh, and by that time I poured already my tea. The fillings are already up to you. I would suggest some veggies because there is no such thing as too much veg! Here I have some meat, (a strange thing about me is that I hate cooked tomatoes in my omelets. Why? No idea) and cut tomatoes on the side. 

    - Boiled eggs with a sandwich.    

    This is a bit trickier. I prep my boiled eggs from the evening or a few days ahead. Eggs give me a good serving of healthy fats so I don't get hungry until my snack time (I eat my breakfast at 6ish AM and have a snack at 11 AM and yes, I eat mostly at a specific time). The sandwich is usually, also made with some healthyish fat like this beautiful avocado. Also, I like to top my sandwich with some cheese or at the worst, with plain butter. Don't top it with process junk. You'll be hungry in less than two hours.

    - Oatmeal.  

Aw, how original of me. I cook it in water the night before to the slightly undercooked stage and in the morning I add a splash of milk to heat them up. It takes a total of 10 min. So, plain oatmeal does not fill me up at all and I have to add to them at least half of a banana. The banana gives me enough sweetness but for my husband, I usually add two teaspoons of honey.

    These are my top 3 (honestly almost regular) fast and easy breakfasts.