Russian cheesecakes

May 15, 2016

   Today is the day when my beloved husband decided to leave me :( (for a day) and go do manly stuff. He went fishing. So I decided to take advantage of that and spend some bonding time with my mother. A girls day/night in if I might say so myself, with good food some wine and our favorite TV shows. My part of the good food was breakfast which I am going to share with my beloved subscribers today.

    These Russian cheesecakes are one of my favorite packed with protein breakfast (don’t tell my mum that I used low-fat ingredients. SHHH! ;)).


  • Cottage cheese (9%) - 500g
  • Eggs – 2
  • All purpose flower – 4tbsp (1tbsp is for assembling)
  • Sugar/stevia/salt - to taste
  • Any berries (I had strawberries) – as much as you like
  • Oil – 2tbsp


    The directions are as easy as possible. You just mix the cheese, eggs, and 3tbsp of the flour to a creamy consistency and add the sugar, stevia or salt. I like mine usually salty but when I top them with berries I do them sweet. Preheat the frying pan with oil. Form some mini ‘burgers’ and roll them in the remaining flour and fry them in the heated pan. Yes, it is that easy.

    Top it all with berries and some yogurt or light sour cream. Enjoy! 

    BTW what is your favorite breakfast?