Anniversary V2 - Pegas Restaurant

June 18, 2016

    14th of June was our 2 year marriage anniversary. And what I would like to mention here, is that one of the best things that happened in my life is meeting him and living my life together with him.

    Usually these days we spend quality time together as much as we can. This year we decided to go to one of our favorite and if I may say so myself - fool proof place Pegas Restaurant.

   A quick touchup after work (Blowed up my hair again because it was raining nonstop and I just can't deal with humidity. And some added makeup to be looking as if I sleep all day long and do not have a job from 8AM to 5PM with crazy people involved).

    I took almost my work outfit to the date night, changing only to a flirtier pink blouse (the items are some years old already so no links were found, sorry) and off I go!

    We do not usually get each other presents (this is how we agreed for now), but he was sweet enough to surprise me with these pretty things. Now let me tell you, a woman who says that she does not like flowers, is not true to herself.

    We arrived at the restaurant - a beautiful wooden house, which perfectly renders the atmosphere of the comfort of your own home. It's definitely not too fancy but not to simple either. What I mean is that you can easily pop on a beautiful dress (not a gown) or come in work clothes-like I did.

    But let's get to the important part - the food. We ordered a bottle of local wine and a meat plate with different kinds of Italian meats to keep us going as we waited for the main dishes.

    I tried to step out of the comfort zone of this restaurant and ordered a Caesar salad with shrimps. Was not disappointed but was not impressed. There was too much lettuce salad and not enough shrimps, but they were generous on the cheese - parmigiano if I'm not mistaking.

    He went with the safe course and ordered meat which is actually what this place is famous for. He took a pork steak with grilled veggies and of course I had to try a piece of his dish.

  Don't think I'm greedy I shared mine too.

                                        (the humidity just does not give my hair any chances)

    This is my go to "place to impress" with local food, but give also a choice for something European if your guests would be a bit intimidated with our polenta)). And a go-to place for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

    After finishing our dinner we went for a walk home to binge into our desert but unfortunately, it was too dark for photos. It was a beautiful berry tartlet with creme anglaise which I will soon share on the blog.

    I am a bit uncomfortable to take many pictures as per now, so sorry for lack of those. But I promise to step out of my comfort zone.