The staples - black dress

September 7, 2016

    A little black dress or a big black dress - who cares?! But a black dress is definitely a staple in my wardrobe. My clothing collection is very small (especially comparing to some fashion bloggers) and this is why I try to fill it up mostly with staple items - like a black dress. The 3 that I have are suitable for a party, a job (if you do not have a strict dress code) and even for a wedding. And yes, I am a strong believer that you can wear black at a wedding as much as I can not understand the guests who wear white at a wedding.

1) Work appropriate.

    Now, who does not like a shirt dress? It definitely not me. The biggest pro to a shirt dress is that it compliments any body type. This is a simple - wake up and throw on peace which I reach for when I don't have any time in the morning. Put on a contrasting belt and off you go.

2) Party.

    Now for party dresses, I have a very strict criterion - they have to be sweat proof or I'm not buying. This body-con dress is perfect for this occasion. Dancing all night is not a problem in this. I do not like big staple accessories and fortunately, form me this dress does not require any.

3) The Audry.

    Well, at least the skirt is. Now, this was handmade from a totally horrifying piece (wish I had a picture of that monster). It turned out very princess like (yes princesses like black too) and flirty and I am in love.

  Also, I would like to point out that you don't have to spend a fortune on your clothing (though you can if you want to and have the possibility). All of these dresses where super cheap (the office one I got on a sale for $8 or something like that) and I have them for years now. Even if you like the more expensive options - there always will be a sale. And if you are low in the budget department, don't go for the cheap material or you will be spending more in the big picture.