Good hair days

January 20, 2017

    Ok so a little story time about my hair. Naturally I have dry, frizzy, somewhere curly hair and once upon a time this, less then smart girl (13ish years old), watching a popular at that time TV series, wanted strait hair like a girl from the show. And can you guess what she does? No! She straightens he hair with an old (by old I mean like really old, 15 - 20 years old) iron. Yep, you read that right, the one you iron your clothes with. And not once, but several times.

    In the end, I got some massive split ends from the middle of the hair. Several years later I chopped that all off to a bob, but it was so dried out that that didn't help much and finally I found a way to heal it. This process took me several years so be patient.

    The main things that helped me are oils. Really heavy, natural oils. For now, I use this burdock oil with pepper, but you can use any type you have or can get your hands on. Burdock oil helps with hair loss and the pepper promotes hair growth (i have a lot of baby hairs growing). I smear a good amount of this oil on my scalp and what is left on my hands I smear on the ends and leave it for 30 min. After I wash my hair with shampoo and use some conditioner to help me detangle later. I leave my hair to air dry and then begin to style. This whole process improved the look of my hair a lot, but not enough.

    The next step I did is bought a wide tooth comb and a really good heat protection. For now, I enjoy the one from Estel. The only thing I was missing was an after styling oil. I was using that burdock one, but it was just too greasy and weighed my hair down and I found this one from Dove.

It's a dry oil that you don't feel on your hair. I find that it nourishes my hair very well and does not weigh it down at all. I take 2 pumps, warm it in my palms and smear as much as possible from the half part of my hair down and the remainings go to my bangs and the top of my hair, avoiding the scalp. My hair becomes shiny and healthy with each use and it smells phenomenal.

*not sponsored