Linen for summer? Yes, please!

June 24, 2018

Hello, my friends!

26 years, and I am finally beginning to realize what exactly is my style. Well, at least for the warmer months. Because God knows that the only thing I want to do in winter is bundling up and stay at home. The one thing I did for my wardrobe this year is say no to synthetic. I can deal with it in small amounts but prefer not to and this is where linen and cotton come to the rescue.

This is one of my favorite looks (all ZARA).

Slides! So important for a summer look. You just throw them on and go! The thing with these shoes is that it is very hard to make them uncomfortable. Love all the color range of these but, (what a NEWS) I choose a neutral.

The pants are 100% linen and these complement my figure perfectly. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. These pants are white girl! What comfort are you talking about? But we have to put an end to this white wardrobe anxiety, and this is one of my mini goals for this year. These pants give such a relaxed but “luxury” vibe as if you already earned your million and are ready to relax on your yacht around the corner. The top is a basic with a bit of twist – cotton, flowy, and I have 2 of them (no shame here). These days I tend to make a somewhat capsule wardrobe, at least for the most part of it.

As a conclusion, don’t be afraid to wear white or linen. Yes, it gets creased, but who cares! Yes, the white gets dirty, but we are not washing our clothes by the river anymore.

P.S. That little buddy you see in the pics below will have his own introduction soon. So don’t miss it.

As always thanks for reading!

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