Hi! My name is Lola.

July 10, 2016

    Today I would like to introduce to you guys my baby. This is Lola and she is a guinea pig the Abyssinian breed. She is a little baby girl to us and has lived with us for almost 2 years already.

    My husband and I always wanted a pet but we could not afford a dog because it is too high maintenance for us and we live in rented apartments where usually lose pets are not allowed. Buhu! So the best option for us was to take this beautiful creature and welcome to our family a new member.

    We have read a lot about guinea pigs so we could know from the start what we have to wait for and all the articles were saying that they are all nice and sweet and perfect with the kids. Now let me tell you about this missy. The people who wrote these articles do not know our baby. She is the grumpiest, loud and cranky kind of an animal. Unless you bring her food - then she would probably give you some purrs.

    But look at her, now how can you ever be mad at such a beauty)))). She is always ready for food. We can leave her in the garden with leafs and all kinds of growing herbs and she will still eat something when we bring her back to her aquarium - well she is a pig for a reason I guess (BTW this is my biggest tip for anybody who would like to get a guinia pig or a hamster or a rat - get an aquarium either you will be cleaning after them the whole day - every day). Now, this is we are making her pose for parsley - this is what she would sell her mother for.

    The loudest she can get is when she smells parsley but we do not give it too much or often because she gets cray cray on it.

    I am very happy we have her and look at that belly! She tries to oppose but how can you pass that and not give her a good scratch?!


   So be aware that not all animals are the same, even the same breeds and species - all of them have a character. But if you welcome one in your home - be ready to take good care and give a lot of love because everybody deserves it. Even this grumpy, always food se—Éking lady.