My Man's Bday 2016 - Maximilian Pub and Grill

July 5, 2016

    Last week was my man's birthday. We decided not to do anything fancy and explore a new pub (new for us - because we are lazy to go places).

    I decided to go sort of casual, but pretty enough, with light makeup and an updo - because it was like 50C outside. The dress was a gift and too old to even bother finding where it was from, same goes for the platform sandals but I found similar here. I can walk a mile in these things and not feel a thing.

    We arrived at our destination - Maximilian Pub and Grill. A nice comforting place with warm atmosphere but definitely in need of some renovation. (this is me thinking that the curtains got to go!).

    We ordered some local wine (If I am not mistaken the pub is making itself) - white of course (i get horrible headaches from red wines) and some cheese to go with it but unfortunately it didn't come on time.

    Storytelling time! So, these silly friends of my husband bought him this huge "It's a boy" balloon - the one you give for pregnant couples. And I'm sitting there watching the waiter judging me (which was probably all in my head and he didn't care a bit) for ordering this whole bottle of white wine and the people around counting how many glasses have I taken. Eh! 

    We ordered also a Caesar salad with shrimps (again I'm searching for the perfect one) that didn't wow me. 3 shrimps 1 tomato and a whole lot of lettuce and not enough cheese. 

I think I'll stop searching for perfection because again I liked my husband's steak salad with camembert. Now that was a WOW! Delicious, tender, medium rare mini steak with the most delicious sun-dried tomatoes. My mouth waters just describing it. 

    Then finally came our cheese plate. We decided to not get disappointed and be French having cheese for dessert. Most of all because the waiter was nice enough to make a discount for us (always pleasant).

    Now let me tell you something. You can feed me only cheese for the rest of my life and I would not mind a bit.

    We chatted about our lives and future plans and people watching the whole evening and afterward head home through our lovely park enjoying the evening freshness and the beauties that came our way.

    Happy birthday my love! Be the happiest man on the earth! Love you!