1 Skirt 3 Ways

March 26, 2017

    If you look into my wardrobe, you would see one interesting thing. I actually do not have piles of clothing. This habit of not buying everything I see taught me to use the pieces I have several times through the week. I this post I will show you that it is fine to wear the same skirt several days in a row and on multiple occasions. Browsing a while ago on the net, I stumbled across a local brand which I definitely enjoy. The girls from have a very simple and sophisticated taste but very far away from boring. They also ship overseas, so check them out!

    This skirt has fast become one of my staple wardrobe pieces. But lets cut to the chase.

    Look 1. The business professional approved.

    A very simple, yet elegant look. Perfect for the office style and screams "GIVE ME THAT PROMOTION!". The skirt was paired with my favorite MNG shirt, but any blouse would do.

    Look 2. Sports involved?

    I never thought I would give in to this sneakers/dress/skirt style, but damn is i comfy. Paired with the classic Nike shoes, I can run a mile now (that's not true. I hate running :p)


3. Rock n rollish.

    Just throw on a leather jacket, a funky hat and BOOM you're a rock star. Like me.)))

    Guys this is as simple as it can get. Frankly speaking, I'm too lazy to switch outfits every day and such versatile and basic pieces always come on hand for me.