That place by the lake

August 22, 2016

    Haven't seen my friend Vica in ages (well at least it seemed so). We decided to catch up on our lives and also see a place, which opened last year. The restaurant is very cozy and modern, and it is near a lake which takes you mentally to a countryside but let's begin with the clothing. 


The outfit is simple but glamorous enough (just up my alley). Black pants from Mango and this beautiful, very high maintenance blouse from & other stories and the shoes which I bought years ago from a random brand. My hair as usual - not cooperating, but nothing new in this department.


   Ok, done with the chit-chat and let's see the food. We decided to start with the mussels. My very strange decision as not long ago I had a food poisoning from some Chinese food with seafood. Horrible! Also to wash those down we ordered some Rose wine. Yum! P.S. No digestion problems here)).


   As Vica is a vegetarian I like to eat something vegetarian to keep her company. We ordered the most delicious eggplants I every try with mozzarella, Parmigiano, and basil. This thing was full of cheese and the flavors combined into something phenomenal.

    I enjoy watching that peaceful and beautiful view of nature.