A whole lot of deliciousness - Torro Grill

July 24, 2016

    Hi guys! I am here today to share a food heaven - no joke! But let's start from the beginning.

    My man decided to invite me on a date (which we do not enough). As I was coming from work the OOTD is suitable for that occasion - simple but elegant.

  BTW I love these shoes, they are my wedding shoes. I bought them for super cheap with a thought that I would wear them once or maybe twice as a max, but right now I call them my dancing shoes. No joke, I could go hiking with them and feel perfectly well.

    He invited me to this place called Torro Grill. A very cozy and somewhere British inspired place very welcoming and might I say old-school looking. I like places like this. You come here to relax - there is no noise, no fuss.    

The waiters do not bug you every 5 min if you want something more to order. But let's get to the food. I ordered a quattro formaggi pasta (4 cheese to be exact).  Did I say I love cheese? Maybe too many times. This pasta was so delicious, creamy and much needed after a hard day of work. Look at this gourgesness, ain't that perfection on a plate? BTW let me tell you about the portions at this place - they are huge!

    My husband  - a man, naturally took a burger. But don't imagine yourself something horrible, nothing to do with meat burger from Mc'D. No no! This burger was a burgers leader)))    Tender cutlet with fresh veggies and grilled bun. Should I mention it was huge? The burger was served with fries - of course! Now how can you say no to this? I don't know - and I didn't))).

    Now if my pasta was a big portion then his burger was a meal for 2. A lot of food already? Maybe but we wanted dessert (guess what? it was also huge). My good friend told me that they make a marvelous tiramisu and I had to check it myself. The verdict for it - one of the best in town.

    With all that deliciousness the best we could do is to go home walking - or rolling)).

    Really recommend this place and it will be on my go-to list.