Winter essentials

December 5, 2016

    Cold weather always brings out a feeling that I want to be more snug and comfy and festive (a tiny bit). These are the thing that brings me the most joy in the colder months.

1) Gucci premiere:

    Let's begin with the sent. I am not the girl with 20 perfumes. I usually like one single scent for all year long (I just don't shower in it in the hot months). For a long time it was Midnight Poison by Dior and when it got discontinued I had to go on a hunt for something new. When the boy from the store offered me this gorgeous musky and powerful, a scent I knew it would be a big love and a long-term relationship (If it does not get discontinued too).

2) Maybelline:


    My new love is Maybelline - Burgundy blush. The perfect dark lip for my skin tone. Yeah I know I'm late to the party, but it is very hard for me to give in and buy a matte lip. My lips are extremely dry and if the lipstick would have even a hint of dryness, dry patches would come off in no time (even if I do prep the night before). This lipstick is perfect for me. It does not suck the life from my lips and it does accentuate my skin tone. The only issue I had with it is applying without a pencil. That was a struggle.

3) Nail polish:

    For my nails - nothing innovative. A nude brown for day to day.

4) Matt bronzer:

    I'm not leaving the house without two things: brows and bronzer. The matte bronzer I've been liking is actually a face powder from Inglot. This is a tiny bit powdery, but glides on smooth and what is the most important, blends in very fast. I usually take a big brush, tap it in the pan and blend it on the perimeter of my face.

5) Thermals:

    It can get really cold some days and going without extra help is just not good for your health. What I like about thermals is that they regulate your temperature and you don't get too sweaty or itchy.

6) Ginger tea:

    The recipe is very easy for this one. Peel and grate a ginger and cut a lemon into small bits. Mix it all together and add to your tea or to plane water. I add usually half a teaspoon. This not only has a magnificent scent and taste, it also boosts your immune system. If you have a sweet tooth, you can also add some honey to this mixture.

7) Warm accessories:


    Being cold is not my thing and I do my best to stay warm. This is the year I was converted to mittens and left the leather gloves for warmer days. These beauties are from Reserved. The mittens are from the women's collection and the hat from men's. And this baby agrees that cold is no Bueno.

8) Orange or tangerine peals around the house:

    Just peel your fruit, eat it and leave the peals in different corners of the house, add some citrus essential oil until they dry.