3 breakfasts of the week

April 1, 2017

    I strongly believe that breakfast is the main meal of the day. But when you work from 8 AM - nobody got the time to make breakfast. I give myself a max of 10 min to make breakfast when it's a work day and maybe (jus maybe) I'll make something more complex on the weekend. 

    - The easiest and filling breakfasts for me are eggs or better to say omelets. The bas

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1 Skirt 3 Ways

March 26, 2017

    If you look into my wardrobe, you would see one interesting thing. I actually do not have piles of clothing. This habit of not buying everything I see taught me to use the pieces I have several times through the week. I this post I will show you that it is fine to wear the same skirt several days in a row and on multiple occasions. Browsing a while ago on the net, I stumbled across a local brand which I definitely enjoy. The girls from

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Good hair days

January 20, 2017

    Ok so a little story time about my hair. Naturally I have dry, frizzy, somewhere curly hair and once upon a time this, less then smart girl (13ish years old), watching a popular at that time TV series, wanted strait hair like a girl from the show. And can you guess what she does? No! She straightens he hair with an old (by old I mean like really old, 15 - 20 years old) iron. Yep, you read that right, the one you iron your clothes with. And not once, but several ti

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Holiday wreath

December 23, 2016

  A bit of late on this, but I have a good reason for it. Don't you worry, it's easy as a piece of cake. We do not celebrate Christmas in December but the New Year coming definitely brought me into a festive DIY spirit.

    You will need:

  • a thick wire. Thick enough to hold the form of a circle.
  • florist wire
  • pine cones (you can buy them or pick in a par

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Winter essentials

December 5, 2016

    Cold weather always brings out a feeling that I want to be more snug and comfy and festive (a tiny bit). These are the thing that brings me the most joy in the colder months.

1) Gucci premiere:

    Let's begin with the sent. I am not the girl with 20 perfumes. I usually like one single scent for all year long (I just don't shower in it in the hot months)

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