Short trip - The Hague

June 28, 2018

Hello friends!

This trip was very unexpected, but one of the best I had. I went on a short business trip to The Hague. Well, my husband went on a business trip, my business was shopping. We went for 2 days only but these days were the highlights of the year so far.

The Hague is a very beautiful place, I would actually use the word “extraordinary”. We didn’t have time to go sightseeing but, frankly speaking, I didn’t even want to. The city is so beautiful on its own that, I think, I was walking with my mouth open the whole time. Yes, I know you will tell me I missed out on a lot. But don’t you worry my friends, we will be back and for enough time to explore every single corner.

I fell in love with the architecture of this place. These narrow, red-brick houses give you the feel of a fairy tale, every door is instagramable and then you stumble upon some extremely modern buildings, pictures of which I do not have many because I was lazy AF with my photography. I do hope you will forgive me for this flaw.

We didn’t go to any fancy places to eat, but we enjoyed every single bite, in every single place. I would highlight though one place. We stumbled upon this nice little Lunchroom & Restaurant Tasty. We were running from the rain and hopped into the first place we saw on the map. This place has a shabby chic design and the food is extraordinary!

As per navigation, we used the app (for Android and IOS). I am a useless dummy when it comes to directions (getting lost in my own city is a thing for me) but this app did reduce the number of times I got lost to a minimum (not sponsored).

This face expresses all my bike riding skills

Till we meet again The Hague!