Brussels - a multicultural and artistic place

January 28, 2019

    Welcome to Part 2 of our France-Belgium trip. We began this adventure with Paris, which you can find in the 'travelling to Paris post'.

    Straight out of Paris we moved to our next destination - Brussels. It was not the first time we met tough. At the beginning of 2018, we transited through Brussels into the Nederlands. Is was a short stay, but I knew that we would be back at some point.

    The trip from Paris to Brussels was over 5 hours by bus, using the FlixBus travel company. We arrived late in the evening to the Midi train station and went looking for our Airbnb accommodation. With this whole road trip, we've got very hungry and God bless Brussels, it doesn't leave you in the moments of hangry needs. This is one of the biggest differences we first noticed here in comparison to Paris. The food is a lot cheaper, delicious and accessible. We got a huge Domino's pizza, demolished it in a couple of minutes and became a couple of happy campers.

    We stayed in Saint-Gilles, in a huge apartment, which was priced a lot less than the petite one in Paris. It is a very nice area and close enough to the centre. This same Airbnb will be our first choice of accommodation if ever in Brussels again.

    For getting around the city I would recommend renting a bike. They are everywhere and can be rented with a credit card only. Not gonna lie, we didn't get one because I got scared to ride on the roadway, even though there was a bicycle lane. We used a bit the metro with a 24h pass for 7 euro, but mostly we used our feet as transport. 

    To see all the attractions you would need around 2 days. The city is quite small thus I consider it being more than enough. A must-see for us was the chocolate museum. It may look like nothing special, but you get to see how the chocolate is made. I recommend, as well, to go to the Neuhaus chocolate factory shop. It's located at 5 min distance from the Erasmus station. The factory is not exactly an attraction, but you can try every single chocolate for free before you buy something. That was quite an experience, just don't forget to bring water.

    Brussels is a very green and artistic place, with a lot of exclusive architecture. What I liked doing the most here is just walking and looking around, and popping into the various food joints. 

    Make time to pop into the Waffle factory for some dessert, Bia Mara for some fish and chips or my personal favourite the EXKi, a healthy-ish fast food, at lunch and the vast amount of wok places for dinner. Or better yet, take everything to go and dine in a park near you. If you're into some bear then, of course, the place to go is the Delirium. Bear is pouring in this joint like a waterfall. More than 200 waterfalls to be precise. The only downside is that they don't serve food nor snacks. Nothing!

    This was a fun experience, seeing two places in one travel and I would like to do it again though I've needed another vacation from this vacation.

 Manneken Pis

Old music shop