Traveling to Iasi

May 22, 2016

    Happy Sunday to Y'all. Yesterday my husband and I decided to take a small trip to Romania – Iasi. It was an interesting and really educational trip with a guide for the first half of the trip.

    This trip began with almost a disaster when yours truly ‘decided’ that she does not need her passport to go through the border and she took her husband’s old passport. Now how dumb you must be?!! It’s good that the guide didn’t want to get moving until everybody checks the passports (halleluiah for him). But that’s enough extreme for me.

    The city is quite small but stunning in most of the places. The whole beauty was concentrated in the center of the city.

    I was impressed with the historical elements of this city like this tree below. It was the favorite place of a famous Rumanian poet Mihai Eminescu. This tree was dying but at some point, a new life began to grow within its trunk.  And now there’s a tree growing inside the tree.


   And cannot but mention Three Hierarchs Church. I am not a religious person but talk about hard work and the beauty. Everything you see is carved with the hand of a man. It gives me goosebumps just looking at its glory.

    And my favorite place (because I was tired as f**k) was the Palace Mall. Not the mall itself but the beautiful and peaceful meadow between the mall and Palace of culture. It was too bad that we went there at the end of our trip and could spend there just 20min. Frankly speaking at my next visit I’m not moving my but from that grass)).